Digital Literacy Resources

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Expanding the Digital Curriculum

See how colleges and universities are enhancing digital literacy to prepare students for tomorrow’s jobs.

What Hiring Managers Want, a Chronicle of Higher Education Infographic

View an infographic from The Chronicle of Higher Education showing what hiring managers at major companies and nonprofit organizations nationwide look for in new hires, especially as the outbreak of Covid-19 continues to upend education and the economy.

Changing Worlds: College to Career Adobe Podcast featuring Jeff Selingo

The pandemic accentuated important questions about the role of colleges in preparing students for a rapidly evolving future. Hear from New York Times bestselling author, journalist and education thought leader, Jeff Selingo, as he explores some of the most pressing challenges facing higher education today.

The Role of Digital Literacy in STEM Education

Read how MIT student, Hilary Diane Andales, describes her journey from science student to creative story teller with Adobe's digital tools.


The Chronicle of Higher Education
On-Demand Virtual Forums

Check out a series of Chronicle of Higher Education webinars sponsored by Adobe, sharing how colleges can ready their students to enter a challenging workforce. The series examined the disconnect between the lessons higher education teaches and the skills employers need; and how colleges can bridge that gap. The discussion focused on the development of soft skills in an environment that ins increasingly remote and digital.

Watch on Demand:

Soft Skills Gap Virtual Forum

What Employers Want Virtual Forum

Preparing for the Upended World of Work Virtual Forum


Digital Literacy White papers

See how students benefit from digital literacy in both of these white papers. By learning to use digital tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, students develop creative and persuasive communication skills that help them succeed in school and in their careers. Both white papers share statistics and perspectives on the importance of digital literacy in higher education during this time of disruption and uncertainty.

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Critical Digital Literacy Webinar Series

Critical Digital Literacy: Stories of Community and Social Justice in the Aftermath of 2020

View this on-demand webinar with academic leaders from Winston-Salem State University, Mesa Community College, and Clemson University as they share their perspectives and learnings from 2020 on community and social justice and the impact of digital literacy.

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Engaging Students Through Distance Learning

View this on-demand webinar with academic leader, Melissa Vito, to hear how The University of Texas San Antonio quickly made the transition to remote learning last year and improvements to better engage students.

Digital Literacy - The Debate is Over

View this on-demand webinar with academic leader, Eddie Webb, as he shares how Mesa Community College is focused on student outcomes and faculty.


Blogs about digital literacy

Finding Opportunities in Higher Education During a Crisis

Learn from Dr. Melissa Vito, as she shares how The University of Texas San Antonio has responded to the pivot to online and remote learning and the lessons they have learned.

Understanding what digital skills employers want in the age of Covid-19

Read how the you can set students up for success after graduation with key skills that employers desire.

How digital literacy skills helped me thrive in my virtual internship

Hear from University of North Carolina Chapel Hill student, Valentina Arismendi, about her Adobe summer internship and her journey with digital literacy in school and on the job

Adobe Spark and Adobe Creative Cloud now Integrate with Canvas LMS to Help Educators and Students Easily Explore and Engage in Creativity

See how Adobe solutions integrate with the learning management systems your faculty and students already work in.


Customer Stories: Blogs

Austin Community College prepares students for success in a digital future

As part of the dynamic ecosystem of technology and art that thrives in the Austin area, Austin Community College is dedicated to preparing students for success in a digital world.

The University of New Mexico builds a bridge to the future as an Adobe Creative Campus

With the mission of giving students and faculty the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital world, The University of New Mexico believes creative expression, critical thinking, and the power of storytelling are paramount.

From Dinosaurs to Social Justice - How University of Arizona Teaches Digital Fluency

With Adobe Creative Cloud available for students faculty and staff, the University of Arizona doesn't just talk about digital literacy — it takes concrete steps to prepare students for a digital future.

Auburn University Starts a Legacy of Digital Literacy for Tomorrow's Students

Digital literacy gives Auburn University's students an important advantage as they prepare to enter the workforce.

Montana State University Invests in Student Success as an Adobe Creative Campus

Montana State University is making a strong investment in digital literacy, centered around providing Adobe Creative Cloud to all students and many faculty and staff.


Customer Stories: On Demand Videos

Digital Literacy Gives Students an Advantage at Winston-Salem State University

University of Utah Helps Students Reach Their Goals

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill: Digital Literacy for a Modern Age



Adobe Cultivating Digital Literacy Course

This new Adobe Education Exchange course helps educators and school leaders understand digital literacy, how it can be cultivated, and the impact it has on student success.


Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Students and Teachers

Explore this rich online guide on how to use digital tools to help students create graphics, videos, reports, magazines, audio-visual projects, interactive web and mobile experiences, and more. You'll find complete learning modules, how-to videos, rubrics, and examples of student work to make it easy to integrate Creative Cloud into your curricula. 


Adobe Education Exchange Distance Learning Hub

Whether your school routinely supports distance learning or is facing unexpected closures, we’ve assembled these free resources and learning opportunities to help educators engage remote students through online learning and projects designed for distance and virtual teaching.

Adobe Education Playlist

View this YouTube channel sharing Adobe education videos including lessons trailers, podcasts, and so much more.